Truth Diction

Truth Is

Sometimes, or even often, when we see that something is simple we are tempted to pass it off as trite and of no significance. Doing so can be very limiting and extremely dangerous. As demonstrated by chaos theory and visually by Stephan Wolfram in his seminal book “A New Kind of Science”, very slight changes in minute details can render dramatic and astounding differences in process and outcome. Therefore we must be very careful to not only weigh the actual answer, but what its implications are; both to verify that they are correct and to fully understand and appreciate how any espoused principle unfolds.

Truth is knowledge of all that is. It is not existence, but the knowledge of that which exists. This encompasses knowledge of things as they are in all tenses of time and space, meaning as they are, were and will be.

Though this is a simple statement, it is not a simple concept. Truth requires knowledge and being. Knowledge is a specific classification of thoughts relating to identity and its characteristics. The term we use for identity and all of its characteristics in an entity is being.